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Unique Gifts for the Avid Sports Fan


If you are looking for a unique gift for an avid sports fan, you will know that a fancy tie will not be high on the list of most appreciated presents. Encouraging an interest in sports, both as a participant but also as a fan, supports both men and women to focus on having a strong, fit, athletic body as well as providing times of fun and high tension as crowds gather to support their own team or an individual athlete. Here are some unique gifts for the avid sports fan, whether they participate from their armchair or field and track.

Meet their favourite player

The perfect gift for any avid sports fan is to meet their favourite player. You may be able to book this through a specialist agency or contact the agent for their favourite sports star. Whether marking a birthday, a milestone event or any other special occasion, arranging a meet-up is a unique and special experience. When making a booking request, consider your budget as well as available dates and times which can be shared with the sportsperson. A suitable date, location and time can then be confirmed by you and the talent.

If a meeting is impossible, the second-best gift would be an autograph of their star, which can usually be requested directly from their agent.  This is likely to need significant forward planning to ensure you have this in time for your specific date.

Sports instruction

For avid sports fans who also like to play the game, a sports instruction day is a great gift idea. This could be a full day of coaching with a legend in the sport. You may want to provide a physical gift as a reminder of this day, and it is possible to combine presents for him or her that they will be able to treasure for a long time. Sports clinics usually include lunch as a break from instruction, where you can invite several of your friends to celebrate the occasion.

Match tickets

For those who are not season-ticket holders, tickets to a game make a great gift. You can make this extra special with a tour of the club’s grounds or stadium where you can see behind the scenes and get to walk out onto the pitch, field or track just as the stars do.  Some clubs have Q and A sessions with big names where you can meet some of the legendary figures within a team.

Sports equipment

From a basketball or netball hoop to install at home, through to knee supports, there is bound to be some piece of sports equipment that your avid sports fan will appreciate.  This could be a new kit bag that functions perfectly as a gym bag but can also be a short-trip bag; a pair of the latest shoes incorporating the latest innovative technology that breathes, stretches and supports feet better than ever before that also look and feel great. The latest team shirt colours or sports clothes that protect the skin from the sun’s harmful ways allow full mobility due to stretch fabrication or wicks sweat and dries fast are perfect for all sportspeople.

Online streaming subscription

Streaming of sporting events is perfect for those who follow games not shown on mainstream television. A subscription to a channel, such as Amazon Prime Video, offers exclusive streaming of games, alongside commentary and statistics.  There are also audio streaming subscriptions available in various languages. For the best audio-visual experience, you may want to upgrade their iOS or Android mobile device or tablet. If they are already watching on a small screen, add an HDMI Cable for Laptop or HDMI cable adapter for iPhone so they can watch on a television screen.


A smartwatch helps to improve a game, have more fun whilst you can still get on with important work matters, with smart notifications allowing contact with pressing work matters to maintain a work-life balance. Choose a high-resolution, colour touchscreen that stays readable in direct sunlight, so you can view your stats everywhere. This is a great gift for those who love technology as much as they love their chosen sports.


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