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Pochettino protects Kane on his fitness


Mauricio Pochettino insists he will risks anything with Harry Kane fitness while Tottenham sights are on the top assaults in the premier league.

Kane was the Golden boot at Russia 2018 after scoring six times for England to help them reach the semi-finals of the world cup. Those achievements have seemed to shown that Kane is hitting his limitations deteriorating his health.

“I respect all opinions but we can’t explain how we manage players inside [the club],” Pochettino told reporters

Kane decided to return ahead of schedule from his ankle ligament damage in April, which counts to his third setback in the past two campaigns but Pochettino is steadfast on shielding the star forward from unnecessary stress.

“The people outside don’t know how Harry Kane was after playing 90 minutes last week. They don’t know if Harry was off on Sunday or Monday, or training or relaxing or one session or in the gym.”

“Be sure that I am not going to take a risk. If we are conscious that we would be taking a risk, be sure he is not going to play. But the 25 to 30 people who are coaches, sport scientists and physios here talk a lot about fitness, health and everything.”

“If we are wrong, we are 25 to 30 people wrong. When we take a decision about health it is not a football decision. The responsibility is for Jesus (Perez, assistant manager) who coordinates everything to tell me ‘this player can play and it’s not a risk’.”


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