April 21, 2019
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Fans request Manchester United to keep contact with Wilfried Zaha just in case

Manchester United Fans how to sit, watch and gulp in the unfortunate defeat against Brighton with a 3-2 defeat of the red devils. They all had to also sit and watch as their top six rivals Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham all move up the tables three points clear in the battle for the title.

Even when United fans turned to Crystal Palace to win against Liverpool, but regrettably had lost 2-0 against a rival Liverpool, suffering more pain. The fought a hard game leaving Palace a feeling of resentment of not scoring at least one goal.

All of Palace’s great work on the field came down to one man, Wilfried Zaha. Zaha had put on an excellent display in the eagle’s attack. Being a part of the backbone, showing off top notch dribbling ability, knowledge of both with and without the ball and just natural pace and physicality.

His display of talents was not missed by the eyes of the United fans who were in awe the fact one of their former players was starring once again in the league encounter.

Zaha was always been in the Old Trafford books for about two years, joining in 2013 and leaving in 2015 and managed to have four appearances in total for united.

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