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Cavani hits out at media for fabricating things about his relationship with Neymar


Every now and then we hear a new rumour of a rift between Edison Cavani and Neymar. however, the Uruguayan attacker has moved to quash any more speculations, blasting the media for making up rumours every month.

The first sign that the suggested to everyone that the two players did not see eye to eye came early on in the Brazilian’s PSG career. A quarrel over who should take penalties left everyone with the thought that the South American duo did not get along.

The issue of their rift started again when the two clashed in a friendly between their respective nations. Cavani was involved in an argument with the Brazilian superstar Neymar over a challenge on the former Barcelona ace which earned the 31-year-old a booking.

When this topic was brought up after Uruguay’s loss to France, Edinson was quick to fire back stating:

“Neymar? You need to stop this,” Cavani told reporters, according to Goal.com.

“It’s you the media that are creating something from nothing.

“On the outside, everybody has his own life. On the inside, everyone works for the best interests of the club.”

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